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August 19, 2011 / modensviat

High heels for the slender legs!

Good news for Victoria Beckham – high heels make legs more slender than in flat shoes.

Victoria Beckham has been warned to stop wearing high heels when they began to reflect badly on her stand

But it probably will feel better by the fact that high heels make women’s legs-shaped.

A new survey of 18-33 year women showed that those who wear high heels load the muscles inside and outside of the ankle is more evenly distributed than in those wearing lower shoes.

The lower current carried by half the women surveyed, leading to greater ankle muscles because they were quite busy, according to the survey.

“The height of the current can determine the size of the ankle muscles in man. To generate this greater force at the ankle, these women activate their relatively large muscles for a long time, “say researchers from California.

The study involved 10 people leading a sedentary lifestyle – 5 women and 5 men, to enable scientists to ensure that training does not affect their performance.

They added: “People come in different sizes and weights. More precisely, the amount of ankle muscles vary considerably in different individuals. Some people have short thick muscles of the lower leg, while others have extended, weaker muscles. One of the reasons for this are various signals received by the brain muscles, because muscles respond to increased activity of these signals hypertrophy (excessive development). These people also generate more muscle while running, as muscle strength increases with the amplitude of muscle activity. ”


Two years ago, Italian scientists have found that wearing high heels can moderate tone to the body, strengthen muscles and even improve the sex life of a woman.

The study included measurement of the pelvic muscles elektroaktivnostta when women keep their legs in different positions.

Those who keep their feet on the ground 15 degrees (the equivalent of 7 cm heel) showed 15% less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles.


The results show that muscles are more relaxed when the current is higher, thereby increasing their strength and ability to contract for sex.

High heels are in vogue in 1600, but over the last 50 years they were condemned for many health problems, including swelling of the first joint of the toe, stress fractures and knee pain, increased risk of developing arthritis.


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